What are the benefits of telematics for your fleet?

Telematics systems provide fleet operators with critical insight into your vehicles and drivers

Today, this technology has become an essential tool for business owners and fleet managers as they allow informed decisions to be made that improve the efficiency of their fleet

Telematics systems provide fleet operators with critical insight into your vehicles and drivers. Today, this technology has become an essential tool for business owners and fleet managers as they allow informed decisions to be made that improve the efficiency of their fleet.

Do you require assistance with safety telemetry for your fleet? Whether it’s improved driver performance or reduced fuel consumption, we’ve written this blog to help you get a better understanding of the benefits of telematics for your fleet. 

Improves Efficiency & Productivity

Telematics use GPS tracking to monitor your vehicles in real-time. This means that the data you collect can be used to create safer and more efficient routes for drivers which in turn, reduces fuel usage and journey planning times. Geofencing also allows fleet managers to track and compare driver performance against their schedules and reduce driver retention time.

At Reflex, we use Flexitrack, which is designed to maximise your profitability with the benefits mentioned above, without any contracts or installation fees. From logistics planning to driver training, using evidence-based feedback allows you to make the most of managing your fleet.

Cuts Fuel & Operational Costs

You can use telematics to plan smarter routes, which can reduce fuel usage and other expenses. You can use it to track and reduce vehicle idling - by comparing the idle time of different vehicles and drivers, and you can quickly determine who needs improvement in this area. Reducing idle time further reduces fuel costs, which oftentimes is a fleet’s largest expense.

Increases Driver Safety

Motor vehicle accidents pose a risk to drivers' health and safety, as well as your business reputation. Telematics can therefore be used to improve your drivers’ behaviour and increase overall road safety. For example, with Flexiprofiler, you can quickly identify areas where training would be beneficial, by remotely accessing your drivers without extensive on-road assessment. 

For managers, it includes an advanced scoring system to identify different training needs, which can either be addressed through e-learning or on-road driver training. Having this ability means you can focus your training and support where needed, improving overall road and driver safety.

Streamlines Communications

When looking at the benefits of telematics, this technology allows you to support your company in real-time with two-way communication between office staff and drivers. These systems also allow your customer support team to provide better service, as they can use the real-time data on vehicle locations to ensure drivers are where they need to be on time.

Improves Fleet Maintenance

Telematics can help with fleet maintenance as it automates the tracking of vehicles and allows fleet managers to schedule planned maintenance activities at a time that has the least impact on productive work. Alerts can be scheduled to perform regular maintenance activities, and fleet managers can proactively track vehicle health in near real-time around fluid levels, tyre pressure and more.

In this way, problems can be diagnosed before a more expensive situation occurs. Telematics can also signal when a vehicle issue arises outside of planned maintenance, and alerts can be sent to warn if a vehicle is operating outside of usual parameters, for example, our Axel Weighing System allows you to be alerted if a vehicle is overloaded.

Supports Drivers Legally

The majority of road accidents involve collisions with other vehicles and without evidence to support a driver’s testimony, it can be hard to prove who was actually in the wrong. Courts accept video footage as evidence, which means you can use dashcam footage to prove the innocence of your drivers and protect your company against legal and financial liabilities.

Increases Job Satisfaction

With electronic logs, drivers have more control over their daily routines, which is one of the top contributors to job satisfaction. Planning journeys means spending less time stuck in traffic, allowing your staff to efficiently complete their daily tasks. Also, with our vehicle walkaround app Driive with Reflex, vehicle checks can be done at a time to suit the driver whilst keeping on top of vehicle maintenance and defects.

Reduces Carbon Footprint

The benefits of telematics go beyond your vehicles because as you start to become more fuel-efficient, this, in turn, reduces your carbon footprint.  Not only that but as we move closer to 2030, our new service EV:IE (Electric Vehicle Information Exchange) can bridge the gap where electric or hybrid vehicles would be a perfect fit for your fleet. The unique vehicle evaluation tool utilises data from our telematics systems already installed into your fleet, saving you a lot of time and work!

Invest in a Trustworthy Fleet

Better fleet visibility can help managers take stock of what a fleet has and how it’s being used. In the long term, telematics can help uncover hidden costs and reveal the potential for greater productivity and efficiency throughout an entire fleet. At Reflex, we understand this, as we specialise in flexible vehicle hire.

Could you benefit from safety telemetry in your fleet? Get in touch with us today, and a member of our friendly team will be happy to assist you with whatever you need. Alternatively, you can check out our blog for the latest industry news and insights.


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