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April 15th 2021

Five key issues to consider when buying a used electric car

A much larger range of electric cars is now on offer for used car buyers, but customers need to know what to look for when switching to zero-emission driving

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March 16th 2021

Do miles matter on used cars?

When buying a used car, there can be an obsessive search for the lowest mileage model available, but do miles matter, or should you join the high-mile club?

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February 26th 2021

Why you may need a Highway Code refresh

As drivers return to the road after a long break, it is important to put safety first. Take our quiz to see if you are ready for the road in 2021

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February 12th 2021

Should I buy a used diesel car?

As demand for new diesels drops, that should not shift the focus of used car buyers away from the fuel. Reflex Vehicle Sales explains why

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February 8th 2021

Reflex Vehicle Hire guide to electric vehicles

There is a confusing array of names referring to various kinds of zero-emission capable vehicles on the market today. Read our jargon-busting guide to zero emission technology

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January 25th 2021

Tips for tackling winter weather conditions

Remember to take extra care on the roads during the colder months when the temperature drops

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January 19th 2021

10 key facts to avoid incidents cause by tired driving

Preventing tired driving plays a critical role in reducing vehicle incidents and a new guide provides some key facts to help drivers understand the dangers

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December 16th 2020

Top 10 tips to ensure you choose the right fleet van

Choosing a new van is an increasingly complex process with thousands of variants to choose from. Follow our Top 10 tips to make sure that your next van is a perfect fit for your business

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November 30th 2020

Winter driving

Avoid dangerous driving as the conditions worsen with these helpful reminders

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November 26th 2020

Reflex backs CALM Driver campaign to raise mental health awareness

The CALM Driver campaign has been launched to provide support to van and truck drivers suffering from mental health issues

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November 24th 2020

Countdown to 2030 ban on petrol and diesel vehicles begins

The Government has confirmed plans to ban the sale of new petrol and diesel cars and vans from 2030, with hybrids outlawed from 2035

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October 23rd 2020

“Know your tow before you go” fleets warned

Fleet operators must ensure they know the law regarding towing loads before vehicles take to the roads, police warn, after a national road safety campaign discovered a 94% non-compliance rate when vans were stopped

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