World EV Day

World EV Day celebrates sustainable emobility

The global movement driving the change to the transport landscape

World EV Day is the national driver of sustainability, shifting businesses and consumers to a world of electric.

The global movement aims to encourage everyone to get involved and make the transition to a greener future in order to tackle climate change.

As most are now aware, here in the UK, the government have set out a roadmap with a 2030 deadline for the ban on new diesel and petrol vans and cars. This target has created a real buzz in the EV landscape whilst prompting businesses and consumers to really think about the next steps in their transport journey.

The cut-off date has triggered a huge response in the fleet industry, seeing organisations provide resources, training, funding and policies in order to meet the end goal of cleaner air, low emissions and a sustainable future.

As a fleet provider and mobility partner, Reflex are doing their bit to ensure customers are on the right path with their EV strategies.

As a trusted supplier, some of the steps we are taking include:

  • Offering fleet managers and drivers first-hand experience with new vehicle technology through the Reflex Renewable Drive Programme, you can take a read of a few here Vehicle Trials
  • Staff members have undertaken EV training with industry-recognised professionals BVRLA to offer technical operational support to our clients
  • Implementing a staff hybrid and electric car policy to cut emissions whenever the Reflex team travel, whilst also encouraging car-sharing to further slash co2 levels
  • Working alongside customers in partnership to kit out our depot with new electric charging points on site
  • Providing resources and support on our website to help newbies to the electric world through our Electric Vehicle Guide and Plugging in an electric car or van
  • Producing a working EV model allowing us to audit customers fleets and offer a suitable electric replacement

Speak to Reflex today to understand better how we can help your fleet meet the goal of decarbonisation.


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