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October 5th 2020

Van security warning over ‘boomerang bandits’

Commercial vehicle operators are being urged to upgrade security as criminals return to the scene of previous thefts for a second attack once operators have replaced stolen goods

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October 5th 2020

Reflex Vehicle Hire pledges support for green transition

As a growing number of fleets call for an early switch to electric vehicles, Reflex Vehicle Hire has pledged its support to help with the transition by providing the cars and vans that fleets need

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October 2nd 2020

One stop shop

All your safe, flexible rental services under one roof

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September 29th 2020

Reflex racking experts provide shelf improvement guidance

A well-designed vehicle racking system turns a van into an effective workplace, with the space and flexibility to keep everything a driver needs close at hand. Reflex Vehicle Hire works with expert suppliers to design the best racking solution for your unique requirements

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September 24th 2020

Changing attitudes to speeding through technology

Research shows that millions of drivers regularly break the speed limit, including one-in-10 who would do so outside schools. For fleets, technology has a key role to play in educating drivers about the dangers of speeding

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September 22nd 2020

Ford Kuga PHEV delivers clean commuting

Plug-in hybrid electric vehicles provide the perfect platform for an emission-free daily commute, while offering long distance capability when needed. We tested the green credentials of the Ford Kuga PHEV

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September 18th 2020

When is a van not a van?

A major legal battle has concluded that some vans should be classed as cars for tax purposes, which could have major implications for companies and drivers

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September 14th 2020

Ford Transit Custom PHEV 400-mile customer test

Ford is bringing plug-in power to commercial vehicle fleets with the Transit Custom PHEV, so we asked one of our customers to put it through its paces

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September 11th 2020

SEAT Leon on test

We see how the SEAT Leon performs as it battles for supremacy against major fleet rivals

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September 1st 2020

Reflex puts 70-reg fleet on the road

If you are looking out for the first 70-registration vehicles on the road today, then they could be from Reflex Vehicle Hire as we add the latest models to our fleet as replacements

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August 28th 2020

Van weight limits

Do your vans need to go on a diet? Every year, thousands of commercial vehicles on the road are found to be overweight, which risks fines and also increases the chance of breakdowns and crashes.

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August 26th 2020

Reflex Vehicle Hire attend Virtual Fleet & Mobility Live

An important event in the industry

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